Workshops – Supporting Organisations & Communities in Creativity

XX offer a range of workshops for companies, non-profit organisations, community groups, grassroots movements and marginalised communities.

XX's workshops bring people together, building connection, community and creativity across personal and social boundaries.

XX's unique Connective Action Theatre methodology is growing all the time, yet relies on a steady core of techniques. We believe in Participant-Led Processes, Emotional Communication, Full-Body Learning, Rotational Responsibility, Personal is Political, Inner-Child Reconnection and Welcoming Dark and Light Experiences.


The main themes we cover are group bonding, visioning the future of your project/organisation, creative campaigning through artistic action and interpersonal journeying for groups with challenges arising.

Workshops can be tailored to fit your group's needs depending on aims, time and resources.

To begin planning one now contact us here.

We are committed to sharing Connective Action Theatre for the betterment of all groups wherever possible as we must play our part in a wider cultural shift.

If you are an un(der)funded grassroots group or marginalised community we will contribute workshops at a subsidised rate or for expenses depending on your situation and our availability.

XX offers an opportunity to explore our creativity and think about how we can connect people, power and joy. I cant wait.


from DPAC (Disabled People Against the Cuts)

XX provided me with a space and ceremony to go beyond the boundaries of everyday personal exchange. It was a healing, revealing and revivifying experience. Their work is not just important, its vital.

Pete the Temp

Poet, educator, human beat-box and loop pedal artist

Experimental Experience are a thrill of light in a city that's so often cast in darkness. Their hypnotic workshops have changed the way I've felt about being in public spaces, whilst simultaneously visibly transforming groups of strangers into best friends. May their magic continue to spread!

Lisa Luxx

Editor of Prowl Magazine